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I've been out of college for a year. I have had a few jobs, made the big move out of the parents house, and have started paying my own bills. And yet, after a year I still don't have my dream job, dream closet, or even my own car.
In fact, when I try to imagine who I will be in the future I cant even picture what I will be doing.
I didn't graduate knowing what I wanted to be for the rest of my life at 22 years old. I didn't get my dream job where I would climb up the ladder until CEO position. I didn't have to send out only one golden cover letter for all my dreams to be answered.
And I am finally okay what that.
Because in the past year alone I have learned that even though I hate children, I am awesome with them.
I have learned how to successfully change a diaper.
I have learned that I need to simmer down in office environments but I will be successful as a writer.
I have learned how to save money, cook creative things at home, and enjoy cheap dates.
And I have learned how to wake up early every day to go to a job I know I don't want and still be successful at my position.
And its only been my first year in adulthood.
No one can know what they want to be at 22. Sometimes people don't know what they want to be until they have already wasted decades at a job they "would grow to love."
It's time someone told you that it is ok to take your time. It is okay to have odd jobs and still go out on the weekends. It is ok to not jump straight into office drone mode or even become one at all.
Because the world is changing. There are jobs you can't even imagine on things not even created yet. And knowing exactly what you want to be at 22 can seriously interfere with an experience that can surprise a passion out of you that you had no idea even existed.
So you don't know what you want to be, who you are or what is next; have another drink and take a deep breath, you aren't alone and it is going to be alright.
I am 33 years old with a degree and jobless. I'm wondering where my place in life is. I've been happily married for two years and still wondering if it is where I want to be
@alywoah great approach, I think happiness is the only goal worth anything.
Personally, life for me is an adventure -- not a rulebook I need to remain faithful to. Also, we're just always learning something new in life. It's part of the deal. Nobody ever reaches 40 and is like...omg I have it ALL figured out... I am the perfect father, business person, and I don't need to learn anything else. Life is a constant discovery. Have fun being young ;-)
@LizArnone @sherrysahar well i wasnt really that much lucky in life , so i just hope u guyz are better to find ure way in life
@LizAmone.. you are young. .and like alywoah said life is an adventure. think of it as a beginning for more things to come your dream job?.. don't worry you will get it because you want to get it and you will work hard to get it.. I started working on my dream job like 3 years after I graduated college. and now I have been working for many years on my dream job.. so don't get discourage and be strong 22 is young there is a lot more to come.. you just need to be strong.. fighting! !!
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