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Boyfriend: JB (I accept!) Crush: Yugyeom (Uh what?) Best Friend: BamBam (aww!) First Kiss: Mark (He does have nice lips) Steals My Ice Cream: Yugyeom Lose Virginity to: JACKSON!! (Oh baby if I could be 15 years younger you could have it!) Have Kids With: BamBam (...why?) Hudband: Mark (married 1st kiss, ok) Secret Admirer: Jackson?! (No!! Just step up and take me!) Jealous one: BamBam (well we did have kids...)
Jackson buys me food to make me fat because he can't have me...Figures. Lol!!! this was fun!! Try it!
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I linked to the cars at the bottom where it says, "Try It" @SarahVanDorn
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XD your comments are hilarious I love it! Thank you for participating!
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@AimeeH Thanks from making it! :D
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@SkullBunneh oh it's not a problem at all! I enjoy making these! My phone likes to troll me though but it's okay! I can't complain!
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