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This girl's look and style has me REALLY GRATEFUL that my hair has been growing out since last year! My hair isn't nearly as dark as hers but I am looking forward to making this style my own!
I found it on A Practical Wedding, online, which has a lot of cute tutorials for weddings (and other things too). According to the website, this is lazy-girl-approved! Awesome!!

Supplies Needed:

Straight hair, or hair that’s been straightened
Styling cream
Flat mixed-bristle brush
Hairpins (small and large)
Bobby pins


1. Start with straightened hair. Apply styling cream to your hands, but don’t run through your hair yet. Instead, you’re going to transfer the product while you’re working on your style.
2. Part your hair to the side and then gather it all up low, like you’re going to make a low side-pony. Shape it so it covers one eye.
3. Next, take your chopsticks, and place one on either side of your hair, just underneath your ear, clamping your hair between them.
4. Bring the chopsticks about three-fourths of the way down your hair (this is important; don’t go all the way to the bottom). Then, keeping the chopsticks together, twist them up so your hair begins to form a roll. Continue until the roll extends tightly from one eye to the back of your head. The ends of your hair will have gotten tucked up into the roll as you go.
5. With chopsticks still in place, secure your forties roll with as many large hairpins as you need. Then pin or spray any flyaways.
6. Carefully remove your chopsticks and insert small hairpins and bobby pins across the twist, moving from back to front. Remove large pins. Tuck any additional flyaways and seal your hair in place with hairspray.
Do any of you think that this hairstyle would look cute for a Tiffany Blue Themed wedding? That's what I am going for. In fact, you can see my cards about it here.