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So it's my recap for the week including my fave new releases.....and this week was pretty eclectic. So eclectic that I split it into two separate playlists with different vibes. We are definitely transitioning into that sort of mellow fall type music which is great. I love vibing to that ish while I'm sipping my Pumpkin Spice Latte with real pumkin...Hayyyヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ So without further ado...we'll start out with a k-rock release....because it stuck out this week like a sore thumb and will not be denied lol....
BUSTERED__LOST CHILD Hearing this genre.... took me back about 15 years ago.....good lord I'm old. But I dig it.
CHO HYUNG WOO FT CHEETAH__SCAR I love me some Cheetah....the lyrics...the style of the video (although I've seen this style done before)....I just love it. Its a win.
NU. D__SOULMATE I'm not usually a fan of auto tune but it somehow works on this track. Its relaxing. The video is sensual but not trashy. I didn't notice because I fell asleep to it...it was THAT relaxing lol. But seriously it's worth a listen.
SOYOU & KWON JEONGYEOL__LEAN ON ME PERFECTION. I loved every note. Something about fall makes you vibe to that coffee house ish lol.
ZZAPA FT MICRODOT__NEW DAYS Loved the vibe of this release and the style of the MV was fun and pretty much hilarious. And we all know this noona loves Microdot (•ؔʶ̷ ˡ̲̮ ؔʶ̷)
GARY FT JAY PARK__JOA Smooth and sexy in true Gary style.
PARK KYUNG FT PARK BORAM__ORDINARY LOVE CAYOOOOOT ♡ Kyungie is adorable. No denying it.
JAY PARK FT HOODY__SOLO THIS. IS. SO. GOOD. And can we talk about this cover artwork???? (((´♡‿♡`+)))。 Mina Kwon....
IM SE JUN__BABY YOU SERIOUSLY PUT THIS IN, ON, AND AROUND YOUR EARHOLES. I dig a voice and piano track....I f*ck with that type of arrangement so hard and this does not disappoint. Homie's voice is BUTTAH.... so smooth and soooo good. I JUST LOVE THIS RELEASE. Cannot get enough. So this wraps up the mellow half of this weeks playlist...... calming right?
And just some Jay just because that smile is GOLD (๑^ں^๑)