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These are cheesy, ridiculous, definitely cringe-worthy but absolutely hilarious. You have to wonder if celebrities actually use pick up lines about themselves or if that's too egotistical. I dare each of you to try one of these out and see if they actually work! I know some of them seem ridiculous and saying them out loud makes them that much more enjoyable. Thank you Jokes4Us.Com But nonetheless, ENJOY.
"Girl, you remind me of Jason Derulo, because every-time we meet I want to sing your name!"
"Let's play a love game, I'll be Alejandro, you can be Lady Gaga and I'll let you take a ride on my disco stick!"
"Hey babe we go together like Lady Gaga and #1 records!"
"Baby girl, your like Taylor Swifts single "You Belong with Me" (Why's that?) Cause I just can't get you out of my head!"
"Hi, am I mistaken or is Justin Bieber's song "Baby" about you?"
"Is your name Katniss, cuz you're starting an uprising in MY district."
"Lets play Tiger Beat Magazine, I'll be a poster of Taylor Lautner and you can slam me against the wall and make out with me."
Is your dad Liam Neeson? Because I'm Taken with you."
"Are you're legs dancing to Taylor Swift, Because it looks like they are never ever getting back together."
"I'm no Tiger Woods, but I am a Tiger, and I have Wood."
"Do you like Basketball? Because I would like to show you my Magic Johnson."
"Why, sure!" "Hello! I've just been elected President Of The United States! Care to come sit on my Oval Office?"
"Okay!" Are you the daughter of Willy Wonka because you look delicious."
"How about you let me put my Malcolm in your middle."
"I'm like Harry Houdini, I can make your cloths disappear in a snap."
"Hey girl do you wanna dance cos you make my testicals do the Macarena."
"If I was a Jedi, would you be my force?"
"Let's make the new Kim. K sex tape."
"Girl, if you were a transformer, you'd be a hot-o-bot, and your name would be Optimus Fine."
these are hilarious! although I think the "lets make the new Kim K sex tape" might be coming on just a little bit strong... lol
Haha! They're all awful!! But that Jedi line... I'd totally laugh and let a guy buy me a drink for that one. ;) (Yeah, I'm just a geek.) The rest are all eye-rollers. :P
Oh man....... these are so horrible.
oh no. some of these are real bad. haha I feel like you could only use these one Americans or pop culture types. some of them would be hard to understand if you are not in tune with American pop culture.