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Thank you for all of the participants from last Friday. I hope we have more and more participants as the weeks go by. This Friday will be two strong and beautiful woman, Asuna Yuuki and Erza Scarlet! They are both very popular and both wield swords. But I want to know who's more popular!
Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online - She is a beautiful girl who loves the virtual reality games and she's strong with her sword alongside her as well. Asuna isn't shy, she's really kind and is not afraid to fight no matter the situation. She doesn't give up and her love for Kirito is strong.
Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail - She is well known for her aggressive personality, but gorgeous red hair and will to take on any opponent or 100 monsters at once. Erza loves strawberry cake and she is someone that no one can dislike because of her likeable and funny personality. She is super strong with her Requip Magic that gives her the power to change her armor from over 100 different types. Erza Scarlet because, I love her character so much and she has a lot more personality that Asuna, no offense. Who do you like better? Asuna or Erza? @ButterflyBlu @poojas @NerukaWong @SunnyV @merryjayne13 @RosePark @DanRodriguez @JessicaChaney @JustinaNguyen @AdiaJasinski @LayLayPoe @AkiraCondry @VixenViVi @Arellano1052 @RaquelArredondo @corinazurk @KhrystinaLee @ashleykpop @VinMcCarthy @EllieDean @FrankilliMambo @Taijiotter
Yuuki: as much as I like Fairy Tail. Ezra is the name of my crazy ex boyfriend.
Asuna Yuuki!
it's a no brainer for me (and everyone else it seems) Erza 100%
oh cmon this is not even a contest. It doesnt matter how you look at it, Erza is the better choice (Dont get me wrong, I do love Asuna as well) but IF they were to fight 1 on 1 obviously Erza would kick her butt. So many different armors and weapons while Asuna is more caring and she is decently strong, not enough to win over Erza for me soooo Let's go Erza!!
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