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Thanks for the tag @nicolejb!!! ^^ A challenge by @InPlainSight (by the way, you're awesome for coming up with this) :D I've been looking for songs and it wasn't all that easy especially because it's for a loved one cx I tried my best so hopefully you like one or all (ノ^o^)ノ
The Promise of the World~ Howl's Moving Castle The title is perfect and the instruments sound beautiful :)
Your Waltz~ Afternight Project This song comes from High School-Love On :) It's beautiful and it's very cute ^^
Teenager in Love ~ Dion and the Belmonts Yes, this song is not modern but hey I would put this on there anyway :D
Accidentally in Love ~ Counting Crows You know you don't just go and love someone out of the blue. You accidentally fall for someone which makes this song nice (〜^∇^)〜
Angel Baby ~Rosie and the Originals Almost everyone can relate to this song especially when you like/fall for someone so why not this song (⌒▽⌒)
This was pretty challenging!!! But thanks for tagging me in this, again :D I had more but I don't want to scare anyone xD You're next: @allischaaff, @CarolynSama88, @FannyWard, @KatieShiminski, @VixenViVi Hahah Good luck!! ^^
@nicolejb right!! Haha it wasn't easy to choose because there was a bunch but thanks though I had fun ^^
Aw I love accidentally in love. It's one of those songs that represents love in such a cute way.
@nicolejb hahaha really? That's great then ^^ I'm glad that you found a new song to add to your happy song list :D
woah, I went back and listened to Teenager in Love, Dion and the Belmonts and it’s so DANG CATCHY. haha adding that to a happy song playlist. I love old do-whoops like that song.
@InPlainSight haha thanks ^^
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