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So being the person I am I LOVE dorks and silly guys. This is my biggest issue with loving K-pop: The guys are super good looking but still manage to be cute and dorky so I fall head over heals for them even though A) They don't know I exist and B) They will never love me back . J-hope as my prime example. Everytime I look at him my heart beats faster along with some...."other" things I can't say because this community is clean lol. Even though he doesn't know me and will never love me he just makes me fall in love and makes my heart race like an anime school girl. So to J-hope please stay just the way you are because you're perfect and I love everything about you. Hopefully I will meet you someday and show you how much I love you (in a non creepy saesung way of course lol)
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he looks awesome to be friends with