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It is now T minus 7 days until the concert! For some of us North American V.I.P's it's sooner and some it's a little longer. But either way, it's sooooo close! Back to my question! What songs are YOU excited to see live? As for me......
Of course one is Doom Dada ! I have seen it in videos from concerts. But to see it live in person! I am wicked excited! He kills it every time I see a video on YouTube!
Love love love! When they get together, boom! 쩔어!!
And of course, Bang bang bang! How can you NOT get hype when you here this! I am super excited to see it live. So everyone what about YOU?! @DianaCastaneda @Jnightowl19 @SHINee808 @ashleykpop
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Lol 😱 how did u know??? lol😂@Tigerlily84
@JessicaFigueroa because I am the queen of embarrassing myself.
Lol I get those moments too... 😂😂😁@Tigerlily84
@JessicaFigueroa glad I am not the only one.
Lol fosho 😁😂@Tigerlily84