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Guys, guys, gUYS I FOUND 2 KPOP FANS IN RL. okay so I was in school (8th grader here) and these two girls and I were talking about our favorite anime when I brought the topic of Kpop and told them they should consider listening to it because the guys are like real life anime guys but 1000x better and the music is great. WELLLLLL, they said that they do listen to Kpop but they don't know much about it since they barely got into it. One girl said her favorite group is Super Junior and the other said her favorite group is Shinee but it was funny because she pronounced it as "Shine" lol. Yeah they just got into kpop but whatever at least I'm NOT ALONE in the kpop world. I also made sure that they checked out BTS because they are a group of dorks with godly looks.
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i found 2 kpop fans recently in driving school so i know this feeling