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I really love C-Clown, they are the first Kpop group I listened to, but I didn't know about this until @KathyCrew made a post about it. I'll always love them but it pains me to know that some people just give up on groups that don't have comebacks offten, C-Clown being one of them, it's obvious they've lost fans. A lot of people don't even know about them anymore, like @KathyCrew, she didn't know about them. Please comment if you know them, I'd really appriciate it, and I want to know who else knows them.
(If you don't understand, his stage name is Rome (둬), and if you put it upside down it spells water (물), Rome wasn't too happy about that)
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I miss C-Clown 😭
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I love cclown nd it's so sad Rip to the ceo of yeagan entertainment I hope they comeback soon fighting c clown
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Although life happens, death will always be a hard topic for humans to deal with. I hope Byun Doo Sub had an enjoyable life, and had a lot of good memories. Also, I've listen to a few of C-Clown's songs and have enjoyed them. They are a good group, and have talent.
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I love c-clown πŸ’œπŸ’œ especially Rome and i love their music! i hope they are ok ! Let' support themπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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I love c-clown. I miss them and it really suck that they disbanded. I'm missing Rome, he was my UB. I'm really missing the others too. and it's so heartbreaking to hear what happened to Byun Doo Sub. I never knew until today.
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