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I'm probably super later to do this. But I think it'll never be too late, especially when it's about KPOP! I hope you guys can relate or enjoy reading this. Here's an advice from me: Know that you are not alone even after you've lost many. Kpop is always here and so am I!
Sometimes being all alone is what we only get.
There are a lot of hopes I've lost in myself. I've made so many friends, I was very close to my best friends for the past years.
Every time I became so close to my best friends or even friends.. After many years we've spent being great friends, they all have moved away.
Just last year, I only had one best friend left who hasn't moved. But at the end of school year, she actually did move.
When you become too attached to your best friends, you don't know where else to find friends. You all probably think, "Oh, this is nothing compared to this." But actually there's been other times. I think friends are really big impact on yourself when you don't want to turn to anybody else for advice.
After losing all my best friends. I've became anti-social. And every time I think about it. Ever since all my best friends moved away I've only been by myself. I was never really into Kpop. Before Kpop became my thing, I've always told everyone, "I don't like Kpop."
And now.. LOOL I have this serious crazily thing for Kpop. Kpop became my best friend. All my favorite boy groups, all my biases, I think they've became all my best friends. Even if I can't talk or communicate with them, they know how to cheer me up via Internet. They cheer me up through their music, the lyrics of the song and especially when they act super cute! I'm so glad to call them MY HAPPINESS and best friends from afar. 😊♥️
@xxxtina wonderful! I am so glad you do! 😊
@AimeeH Thanks! I feel really accepted here. ☺️
I moved five years ago, and my friends dwindled down to two. My sister's. One of my best friends made a promise with me that we'd never lose touch, I would call her and text, but days and weeks turned into I being the only one exerting effort. We went from talking everyday, to maybe 1 every four months. I went back home to visit my sister's and made plans with her, she stood me up. I will always love her, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt like hell. I'm sorry you experienced this and I am glad Kpop has helped you. Here, you don't ever have to worry about being alone. I never do, this community is fantastic and I meet wonderful people everyday! Keep keeping your chin up! ^~^