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Hi Guys! So this is my first card! My name is Sara. I'm not really new to Vingle, but I hadn't really thought about making an introduction card. A few people have tagged me to do challenges and debuts about things, which I totally appreciate!- @kpopandkimchi and a bunch others- I might not do them mostly because I'm not really into posting things about myself, or because I don't really know about it. I will try to do them now :)
But Anyway, back to myself.

I recently joined KPop during this summer, (a little while later than when I joined Vingle)... so this is pretty new to me. Not so new anymore, but I'm in love currently with:

-BigBang (The oppas of the oppas) -Got7 (basically the band that got me into this whole thing) -BTS (I swear, motha flippin Squad Goals) -SHINee (asdfghjkl) -2NE1 (My girlies) and believe it or not, VIXX and EXO are slowly getting their way to my heart now.... I also listen to other bands but thats mostly in Pandora or Jango. These are my Top top bands. I don't know if you all get me. But hey, I haven't even regretted the whole thing. I used to have biiiiigggggg plans for my life, but joining this Fandom, all I actually want now is to live in South Korea.
Before KPop, my life was pretty random I guess. Throughout my elementary I have been bullied, which made me stronger and most of my Middle School ages were books and hairstyles ( it has gone to the point that after sports or something, I do everyone's hair. So, I'm completely a master of braids, updos, and hair tips. All of that might have also been the outcome that I really wish I had different hair, casue mine is black and poofy...) and well, basically not many friends because of all the other fandoms I am in ( Im legit in so many, that I lost track of what's going on in each, I used to be able to make a list, now I only say "a lot")
In school, I was usually either the 4d one, the evil genius, or the leader of some group. Yet, I might be well known now and all, but I'm actually the youngest in my grade. I skipped a year, so people are usually like 1-3 years older than me, making me very well know amongst people who like KPop, the Maknae or TheBaby. Im also not your average girly KPopper Fanatic Fangirl thing. I'm very tomboyish. I don't really go for girly stuff. Give to choose between make up and a foam sword or something, maybe some Vans/ Nike SBs and dude, I won't think it twice, I'll go for the thing that's not Makeup. I'm also a very dedicated, determined and honest student. So that has given me a very good advantage of being able to kind a do most of my stuff KPop related.
I mostly hang out with guys. Seriously, I have my own group and all with like 7 other boys. I guess I have never really felt comfortable with girls and you know, their girlyness. I think that growing up with other two boys your age as cousins can change your perspective a lot.
I don't really know what else to post about me. It was nice meeting you all! Some of you may already have sent me somewhere cause I comment on a looot of things, but I'm here if anyone needs a little help in the day, I have been through hard times too, and my inbox is always open. If you have any questions about me, please don't hesitate to ask! I love you all!


Nice to meet u. Hope we can be friends. And yeah kpop will ruin all of ur future plans lol. Bc I feel the same way. XD
@baileykayleen Thank you! I didn't want to make it boring! @Tigerlily84 Hello!
Love the intro card and all the beautiful gifs :)
haha @wllmvns YESSS!