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New Vingler Here
Hello vingler friends I am new here, well not really. I had been using vingles for about 3-4 months now and I haven't even made a card yet. That's because that I haven't really decide what to do but here I am.✌
Here's a brief intro about myself: my name is Khou Yang, I am Hmong not Chinese or Japanese, I just turned 16 this summer, I love kpop/Korean dramas/ &everything else that relates to Korea, I am interested in psychology and I love reading which means that I also loves writing stories too. I am the only one from my group of friends that is actually into kpop. My friends we're the one who made my write this card. If I can't get crazy with them over kpop I'll just get crazy with y'all vinglers here. I hope to make friend's with you all, and please take care of me.
I am an exo-L& bias is Chennie and I also like Bts, super junior, 2pm, 2am , girls generation, 2ne1,big bang,and I just got into seventeen.
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Cheeeennnnn....haha people with a Chen bias always end up being super awesome. Welcome to the fam (^_^)γƒŽ
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Hey!! I'm Hmong too! Others always think I'm a different Asian lol Welcome to Vingle tho!!!! I swear you'll get addicted. I am an ARMY (BTS) , EXO-L (EXO) , ELF (SUJU) , VIP (BIGBANG) , HOTTEST (2PM) , INSPIRIT (INFINITE) , STβ˜†RLIGHT (VIXX) , MELODY (BTOB) , B2UTY (BEAST) , IGOT7 (GOT7) , and more lol
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I've been a member for a few months as well I tried making my first card yesterday lol. Welcome!!!
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thank you all for kindly welcoming me. I didn't even expect so much comments already. thanks again chingu, let's get along
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μ•ˆλ…• 동상! Welcome officially to Vingle and our crazy family!
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