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First of all, shoutout to @jordanhamilton for starting this challenge and @ButterflyBlu for tagging me! I'm a bit late but here I go!

The first GIF is from my favorite movie: Moulin Rouge.

When you think of love, what immediately comes to mind?

Yes. I love beer.

Have you ever been in love?

Um. Yes.

One gif to describe your ex.

I'm just being honest.

What attracts you to the opposite sex?

Now that's what you call "perfection".

What is your current dating situation?

Mind your own business.

Yeap. That's me right now.

I actually had so much fun doing this challenge! Thanks again!
@jordanhamilton haha thanks, I actually thought it was kinda silly to be honest :S
@jordanhamilton haha I know, but I can't take credit. I believe it was @RosePark who coined the phrase on his card!
single and ready to vingle haha!
@allischaaff Thanks! but I can't be the first person who has thought of this can I? :S
i think it is rather brilliant lol but no problem :) @RosePark
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