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@allischaaff wants to know what my biggest turn-offs are. Not hard at all, though mine aren't really physical hints. (Sorry, guys.) I don't care about the physical as much as the other stuff... Please note: These are merely "turn-offs"!! Only a couple of these are actually deal breakers. We will all do some of these some of the time!! ;) Want to see @allischaaff's card? Here ya go. In no specific order:


Don't get me wrong. I do not mind a Confident Man. However, I have no time for Egotistical Boys. There is most certainly a difference.


I am not impressed by a man being a jerk to a waitress or talking crap about everyone all night. Don't treat me like you are doing me a favor by being with me. Not only am I not impressed, I would rather spend my time alone than with a person like that.

No Sense of Humor

It's no secret that I like a man who can make me laugh. He doesn't have to be a comedian, but please, at least know how to laugh. If I make a joke and my date just stares at me blankly, I'm sorry, it probably won't work for long.


These two go hand in hand. I am a thinker and an intellectual person. I need critical conversation and mental stimulation. I desire for my partner to be aware of what is happening in the world. I'm sorry, guys, but if you can't keep up, we could have issues.


I am already raising a 7 year old boy. I really don't want to be your mommy, too. I want to date a Man.

Making Me Feel Invisible - Ignoring Me

This one is a big one for me. I am a busy person and a single mom. If we're together, I want to spend time with You. Please, don't ignore me! Don't get me wrong... I love to just hang out and veg together, read a book, watch tv, etc. but don't make me beg for your attention. And if something is Wrong and you're upset, Communicate. Don't make me drag it out of you (and I promise to do the same).

Flirting With Everyone Except Me... While Out WITH Me!

In the same vein as the previous note, don't make me feel second class when we are together. Don't take me out and then flirt with everyone but me. A woman wants to feel wanted and beautiful. The fastest way to make me feel the opposite of that is to leave me wanting while you seduce every other woman in the place. You want to be alone again? This is the way to go.

Disrespectful 2.0 - Don't Play Me For A Fool

In that same vein: Don't lie to me. Don't tell me I'm the only one while you are chatting up several other women. We always find out, and once I do, we're not likely to be hanging out again. Sorry. Respect me and I'll respect you.

Physicality - Just don't stink. Seriously.

I get it. Men smell. I'm a dancer. I'm constantly partnered with a guy who sweats, but he smells good. It's not hard. You don't need a gallon of cologne. Just shower, brush your teeth, and wear deodorant. I promise it won't hurt!

Anger Issues

I've dated Mr. Anger Issues before. I will not do it again.

Mixed Signals

Yeeeeah. You want to frustrate another human being? Then play this game with their hearts. It's wrong, cheap, benefits only the player, and can hurt like HELL. Don't tell me you want me one day, ignore me the next, want me again, and ignore me again. I am not a toy for you to play with when you are bored. You either want to be with me, or you don't. Only you can decide... and hey, let a girl know. But if a man plays this game for long, I'm out. I will find someone who does know that he wants to be with me.
Ok, that's it. I really hope these didn't come across as witchy and such, because that's really not the kind of person that I am!! I think a lot of these are actually pretty universal. Most of them boil down to respect. Look, I do not expect my partner to be perfect. No one is perfect. God knows I certainly am not. It really comes down to how you handle yourself in a relationship. Be honest and respectful. Everything else is just a bonus. When mistakes are made, how do you move forward from there? What about you, ladies and gents? What are your turn-offs? You can tell me in the comments or make your own cards.
@MissB82 Yes, ma'am! I've been hurt too many times to put myself wholeheartedly into something. *tear* 馃槀馃槀 I'm kidding =p
I started typing mine here, but then, it started getting really long lol I think I'll make my own card.
Would make a card but you've hit mine spot on. Only thing to add is 'Coming on way too hard & lovebombing.' I know my worth but you don't know me at all yet. Unless we have a proper conversation, flattery's as good as insincere. To me, a compliment worth receiving is one that has been earned.
@Arellano1052 *Hugs* It's ok... Bless your heart. I Do understand, though. Lol. >.<
@Arellano1052 Yay! I really look forward to seeing your card, sir. ^.^
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