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@AimeeH and @MichelleIbarra thanks for the game! lol Boyfriend: Jr. Crush: Jackson Best Friend: Yuguem First Kiss: Jackson Steals Ice Cream: Yuguem Lose Virginity To: Jackson Have Kids With: Jackson Married: JB Secret Admirer: JB Jealous One: Mark Damn, Jackson tho lol and I married my secret admirer JB lol
He better buy me food lol he's my best friend for a reason lo lll
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Thank you for participating btw!! ♡
@AimeeH lol me too! I was was surprised! lol My bias is Jr tho lol @MichelleIbarra lmao mine too
@panouvang123 Lol awe! You're phone was trolling then. That's the only explanation of why it ended like that XD
@AimeeH lol right! but that's ok, Jackson's my bias wrecker lol
@panouvang123 XD well then it knows what's up lol XD