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Have any of yall felt like this when u really begin to just think about stuff? I'm not trying to throw shade. But honestly...what is this world coming too? It's like so many men (not all but a lot) are making these thots into house wives. The first girl to get married in our group of friends was a huge hoe (sorry for being blunt). When we were in college she was dating this guy (who is now her husband) during our girls' night out we asked her how did she get a boyfriend. We all wanted one and thought she could give us some advice. FYI I will never forget what this girl said...

So she said......

"Girls yall gotta suck that d**k the first date. And bust dat open ASAP!The sooner the better!

We were all smh. But now that I'm getting older idk maybe she had a point... As the years went one many of us begin lowering our standards and do bascually what everyone else is doing. So....2 more of us is married and they said basically they followed that ratchet advice our friend gave us in college. They wanted to get married really bad. I want to get married to but...Idk about doing that ratchet stuff. Now there is two left not married and that two is including me. We both highly believe in waiting. After my recent breakup with my boyfriend I'm thinking about that night when we were given that advice from our friend. We were not together long, but all he wanted to do was get the cookies. I had to let him go.

Is there any truth to it?

Most of my friends that are engaged and married said they had sex or did something sexual within the first week of dating or the first 2 months. Call me old fashion, but that crazy as heck! Even my guy amigos said that their wife or fiancé gave it up soon..... I'm not saying giving the goods before marriage is wrong. I personally would like to wait until there is some type of relationship. Now a days in my experience men just want to send d**k pics, demand nude pics, get right to getting into the cookie jar before even knowing what my favorite color is.


I'm so confused! I'm don't wanna turn into a bitter woman lol.

Have anyone experienced this or have some advice? Please comment!

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in my experience the guys at church are the ones either gay or have 50 kids with random women. lol I too was brought up in the church. However, @allischaaff I see where u coming from. In an ideal world I do wanna wait til marriage but really I just feel sex for me can wait until we really know each other and know that we are on the same page. I'm not a hit and quit it type of girl.
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Gotcha lolol. I misunderstood that, my bad. But honestly I think you're coming from a logical place, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to get to know someone first!! :)
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@amobigbang (and if a guy says any differently, you kick him to the curb girl)
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@allischaaff lol thanks for sharing 😄😄
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@MissB82 that's some really good advice! It should be all about what works for YOU, not for other people. Some people just 'click' right away, or start out as sexual partners before they start to develop more serious feelings for each other.. some people like to wait. There's nothing wrong with either choice I think. And I hope that you (and your friends) don't feel ashamed for making the choices that you have. There's no right or wrong, there's just different experiences and needs. When it comes to waiting... personally I think that if you don't want to have sex right away, you should wait and find someone who feels the same way. While I'm sure there's a lot of pressure for men to act as if all they care about is sex, I don't think that all men actually feel that way. If this is something that is really important to you, I think you have the right to be clear and open about it. And if someone doesn't like it, they're not worth your time.
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