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Ok so I'm a bit late on this one and I wasn't tagged but here we go... When I was 14 I discovered Fahrenheit. I know not kpop but bare with me I'll get there in a sec. I was having a very difficult time in my life I was to the point where I was pondering suicide. I found these guys and the 1st song I listened to was Ai Doa it made me realize that even I could be loved and that if I threw my life away I would never get the opportunity. Soon I the group disbanded I was heartbroken but then I found...
I didn't even know he was kpop but I didn't care at the time all I knew was his songs made me smile even when I didn't understand the words. His songs helped me through Fahrenheit's breakup and soon I found...
these TWO. I then fell in love with kpop as a whole but these 2 guys. I truly believe that God let me find their music so I would have something to lean on, something to make me smile and dream when I'm depressed. And so even today I will turn on their music to make me happy whenever I feel like it. I don't know much about kpop but I do know that this music literally saved my life.