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Now I realize it's been FOREVERRRRRR since I've done a straight up k-hip hop playlist.....but I was inspired by TWO....count em....TWO new releases by Deep Flow and the boys at Vismajor this week. So some of the songs on this list aren't brand new but new enough. DISCLAIMER** CONTAINS CRUDE LANGUAGE AND ADULT THEMES....IF YOU AIN'T DOWN, SCOOT SCOOT.
VASCO__WHOA HA! Still stuck on this track.....why? ITS F*CKING BOSS. Thats why. And beside the fact that he flippin slays, Vasco is like the Korean Terrence Howard ♡ just a bae any which way you look at it.
DEEPFLOW FT NUCKSAL & HUCKLEBERRY P__작두 I looooove this beat. And if I'm being honest....I haven't listened to much Deepflow. I have a couple tracks of his but that is a MAJOR MISTAKE on my part. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. So I will definitely be adding more Deepflow to my music library.
ZICK JASPER FT WUTAN & DON MILLS__HUNGRY Zick Jasper, formerly known as 5Zic, is a member of the group M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters).....and his mixtape, Exhibition, is awesome. I LOVE me some Wutan....uugggh and Don Mills....I can't help but like him. His kind of nasally lazy type flow and his muscles will not be denied.
JESSI__SSENUNNI I F*CKIN LOVE JESSI. She's gawjuss...her confidence is the sexiest thing about her. I dig her kind of old school braggadocious flow. LUHHFF HUH.
KEITH APE FT BRIAN CHA$E__CAMO Keith Ape....what can I say about him? I dig him....hes RIDICULOUSLY talented even the haters hafta recognize. Besides his comment about Korean Hiphop sucking....bad....you know what? I ain't even gonna touch that. I like Keith Ape. Fin. Moving on, I have a mild obsession with Brian Cha$e aka Play$tar....so naturally I'm gonna dig this. I dug Kawasaki for Christ's sake lol....but I digress. I NEED MORE OF HIM. This track is also available for (゚∀゚)☞ FREE DOWNLOAD You're welcome.
ONE, DOK2, & THE QUIETT__PEEP One.....he recently signed with YG.....so we prolly won't see him again until 2020 (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) I really dig The Quietts verse in this but honestly this entire track is HOT.
MINO & ZICO__OKEY DOKEY SO F*CKIN CATCHY. SO F*CKIN GOOD. And those two goobers in the MV....they're good too (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) lol I didn't watch it until just before I posted this....smh tweedledee and tweedledumb. They're adorable.
REDDY FT BRANDUN DESHAY__CHI KWON This beat and the chorus. SO GOOD.
B-FREE FT OKASIAN__YOGA FLAME Besides the subject matter here, I LOVE THIS BEAT. And I always end up singing the chorus lmao. And Okasian's verse? FUHGEDDABOUDDIT.
DEEPFLOW FT VASCO & DON MILLS__당산대형 I love this MV. It reminds me of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) but like the gangsta Asian version of course. This is sooooooo going on my work out playlist for whenever I decide to get off my lazy bunz and actually work out again.
VASCO__iDOZER CAN'T NOBODY CAN TOUCH VASCO RIGHT NOW. MAN IS ON FIIIYAH. So cheap that this song didn't get a full video because I love this track. The beat's got an old school feel to it which I lurve. Anticipation is an understatement..... MAD MAX NEEDS TO BE RELEASED LIKE YESTERDAY.
Feeling like a boss right now.....lol. I only wish I was as cool as Nochang (´ヮ`) Enjoy this playlist, be a boss, and enjoy your day, kids.
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\(^-^)/ I've been in love with Vasco's "Whoa Ha" since I first heard it!! ♡♡ This is awesome! T.T ♡