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First I would like to apologize for not being active yesterday had to work a 6am-11pm shift but I dont have to work un till 3 today. But anyway its finally happening kpop is slowly infecting my sister with its greatness ive caught her singing even more songs Exo, bts , Zico & mino , and I even caught her on multiple occasions singing Bigbang songs and not only was she singing there songs she mainly tried to sing GD's parts and that is a miracle because she always says she hates GD because he looks like a girl**gasps** I know but guess what She has some secret bias in Exo , Big bang , IKON , and got7.
First we'll start with her.exo bias , she was looking at all my Exo pictures and picked quite a few lol Her 1st one and probably her favorite that she picked out in every picture is Sehun! (Drip Coffee) I definitely dont blame her for that choice.There was a tie for first between Sehun & Suho♡ The. she picked: Lay Kai Chen Xiumin and my love of the group Chanyeol I was shocked because any one I like she usually doesnt but she thought he was cute (she saw him on roomate).
From Got7 She chose Junior and Jackson(saw him first on roomate) again not bad choices because I love these two.
From ikon she chose this hottie Bobby♡
And from BIGBANG Young Bae & Seungri , although secretly I think she loves GD shes just trying to hide it because after I hung up my posters she would not stop staring at GD's vogue ones l
This card is just too cute! I love how you're are narrating your sister's story of "falling in the deep hole with K-pop" haha
Tell her to just give in completely already! They're sucking her into the kpop world already anyways! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@SusiBosshammer lol its okay your secrets safe here haha
i think i secretly love GD. Im just not sure yet lol
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