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Hey hey guys, todays SOTD is a special one it's by MADTOWN!! YAY THis song is called New World and its a favorite of mine, so i hope you guys like it as much as i do and check out their band <3
If your a fan of MADTOWN tell me who your bias is or what your favorite song by them is :)
And you guys know i gotta give you the hook up, so if you're new to MADTOWN this is for you <3 Heres the lyrics COLORCODED just for you, so you can recognize face,voice, and names all at once WHILE PUMPING UP THE JAMS of course lol
Have a great day guys by :P
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I can't decide on a bias...they are all awesome, but my favourite song is probably this one...but then as I think about it Their music is all really good XD
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@Rozy1903 Yes you should!
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