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so thanks to @AimeeH for making this game. its cute! Boyfriend - JB Crush - Junior Best friend - Yugyeom First Kiss - Junior Who steals your ice cream - Jackson (seen as your my bias I will let it pass) Loose virginity to - BamBam (but hes like a year younger than me... however he is cute and his voice in Just Right.. ^.^) Have kids with - Youngjae (aww they'd be really cute kids just like their appa) Husband - Yugyeom (I marry my best friend. Seems legit) Secret Admirer - Mark (now I wouldn't mind Mark being my secret admirer!) Jealous one - Youngjae (well yeah I had his kids then married a different guy)
Buys you food - JB (JB I officially love you even more now! You gave me food!!)
@AimeeH glad it does
@AimeeH you deserve it. You put a lot of effort in
@AimeeH you're welcome!! I shall support all things you post..
@AimeeH you can tag me in any others you do too if you really want to
@AimeeH Aww thank you ☺
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