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thank you again to @AimeeH for making this! Crush - J-Hope Best Friend - Jin (YAY!) Boyfriend - Jin (Best friend and boyfriend at the same time) First Kiss - Suga (Yay i kiss my bias! And its a first kiss) Secret admirer - Suga (wow...) Husband - V Hater - V (so you're pretending to love me and the marriage is fake. Mean V ) Love and hate relationship - Rap Monster Weirdo - V (yeah can I get a divorce now and run as far away from you..) Brother - Jin... Wow now that is a plot twist. Not only is Jin my best friend and boyfriend... he's also my brother... so I'm dating my brother.. errr... By the way I don't hate V. I love him still... Just going along with the story. Just clarifying and clearing things up... before I get a ton of hate..