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When you are rapped around KPOP for so long that you start to forget which country you belong to. But when you listen to American songs and hang out with people that don't talk about KPOP, you feel out of place. Then you remember that your not Korean and you start getting depressed because you don't belong in either country.
KPOP Fans are like do I belong in one of the countries in picture 1 or do I belong in Korea?
Haha same problem when ever there is a new American song or video out and my friends talk about it and I'm like what is it about what you talking about or when they ask me if I've seen that video or heard the song I'm like nope I feel so out of place here
yes this is so true and @SusiBosshammer me too! my friends at work are like did you see *names random American artist* nee video and im like what? nowadays seriously I dont care for tv , except for walking dead , todrick and pitbulls and parolees, but I seriously barely watch stuff that isn't korean It jist doesnt interested and I feel so awkward because when people ask me if ive watched something im like idk what that even is anymore. korean shows and music is just way better in my opinion because its original and new not like some stuff here now where most artists are selling out and do the same stuff over and over again . but I wouldn't change it for the world I love korea and always have and I love Jiyong and my other bias so who needs American tv/music when I have them.
im so wrapped around korean dramas and music that when people start talking about famous American artist, songs, movies, etc. im just like what are you talking about? and they just tell me that i live under a rock. but its not my fault that kpop and kdrama are just 1billion times better then anything in the world! Also i just can't live without Jackson and JB!