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There's a channel on YouTube called K-tigers. Basically they do a mix of taekwondo and choreography of kpop songs. These three are my favorites (boy in luv, ringa linga, might just die)
These guys are so good that they're actually recognized by Korean celebrities. For example, Soyou and BTS. These videos are of them performing with bts AND boyfriend, bts reacting to their boy in luv video/danger performance, and soyou talking about them in their some video.
But these guys aren't just super athletic, they're also pretty good looking and they can sing! Totally unfair right? The guy in the second video has also appeared on Dream Team and is also in the upcoming Hollywood movie Pan with Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried. Wtf right?They're too talented! I've been meaning to post a card about them for months now, but I kept forgetting so here you go!
@KellyOConnor no problem! I'm glad people are getting to know them
I'd heard of a group that did taekwondo to kpop songs but didn't know their name so I forgot about it. Thanks for posting this!!