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Okay! Time for a new screenshot game! I chose to do UNIQ because well, why not I love them!! Simply Screenshot each frame and you can either post it in the comments below or make your own card! I have really enjoyed everyone's participation! So thank you all! If you aren't familiar with them, I left a cheat sheet of who is who above. Also I kinda want to make this a common theme, so if you'd like to have certain groups for me to do, let me know!! I will credit you for the suggestions. I'm thinking of a group every week or 2 each week. So any suggestions are appreciated. Also, I'm thinking of doing a K Drama styled one next!
Categories: Best Friend Takes You Out To Eat Crush Secret Admirer Lose Virginity Have Kids With Boyfriend Jealous One Takes You on Vacation Husband
Results: BFF: Seung Youn Takes You Out To Eat: Sung Joo Crush: Yixuan (Phone knows what's up) Secret Admirer: WenHan (Phone is the MVP) Lose Virginity: Yibo (Phone is a troll! He's still adorable, but my phone has started to troll me.) Have Kids With: Sung Joo Boyfriend: WenHan (Yuss!!) Jealous One: Yibo (At least he cares right?) Takes Me on Vacation: Yibo (Well... this is quite the tragic triangle) Husband: Seung Youn (He adores me.. knows my personality so we moved out the friendzone) I got trolled so hard!! But! They are all angels so it's okay!! I atleast got my biases, so I'm content!
I'm just gonna leave these here..
Just because I want to take a moment and relentlessly stare at my phone. If you participated in the BTS or Got7 version, I went ahead and tagged you, also if you don't want to be tagged for future games, just let me know. @beckiboop1996 @Emealia @glostick @herreravanessa9 @VixenViVi @nykechun @Roxy1903 @baileykayleen @PrettieeEmm @xxxtina @KiKi29 @jazzymgriff @B1A4BTS5ever @addri @CristinReynolds @amandamuska @MichelleIbarra @KatieRussell @kfeind7 @Exoexo @Baekyeol27 @ElizabethT @SHINeeIngGirl @NancyVongvilay @Taijiotter @najalong1998 If I remember correctly on you liking UNIQ: @MeeshellBuchan @KpopGaby @netchtiBates @Mariloveexoexo @Sidneylovekpop So if you'd like to be tagged for future games, let me know! Thank you all!
Bestfriend: Yixuan Takes Me Out To Eat: SungJoo Crush: WenHan Secret Adrimrer: SeungYoun Lose Virginity: SeungYoun Have Kids With: Yixuan Boyfriend: SungJoo Jealous One: SeungYoun Takes You on Vacation: Yixuan Husband: Yibo
Best Friend: WenHan Takes You Out To Eat: Sung Joo Crush: Sung Joo Secret Admirer: Yixuan Lose Virginity: WenHan Have Kids With: Yibo Boyfriend: Yibo Jealous One: Yibo Takes You on Vacation: Yibo Husband:Sung Joo Why Yibo!?! Why!?!
ahhh I haven't checked out UNIQ yet but they've been in my list so expect the game up in a few days after I've binged, lol.
@PrettieeEmm omg yours is amazing!! Kudos to you!! Sungjoo is ah-mazing! Your phone wanted you to have sungjoo!! Thank you for participating! I love your results! I most definitely will, thank you for the suggestions!!! Don't apologize! I'm glad you're enjoying the game!! ^●^
BFF: SungJoo Takes me out to eat: SungJoo Crush: SeungYoun Secret Admirer: SungJoo Lose Virginity: SungJoo Have kids with: SeungYoun BF: SungJoo Jealous One : SungJoo Takes me on vacation: WenHan Hubby: SungJoo I may be the most faithful I always get one memeber the most haha.. @AimeeH You should do Big Bang!!!! or WINNER sorry this sis exciting
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