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Hey guys! So for my junior thesis at school, I'm going to be drawing "The Snow Queen" in comic from (no, not the Disney's "Frozen" version). Our first assignment for that was to create portraits of the characters, so this is the portrait of the main character Gerda. I plan to do the whole comic in color, which will be an interesting challenge. I'll do my best @u@
Anyway, thanks for looking, and I hope you like it :3
It's gorgeous. I love the eyes and the colors!
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@ButterflyBlu Thank you! x3
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@KeikoKup you're welcome! You are very talented. :D
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you have such a great eye for popping colors and contrast. awesome stuff! So is it adapted from the original fairy tale?
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@VinMcCarthy Thank you! Yup it is :3
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