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"Wake up" "Wake up" "Wake up!" I felt my sister say. I lazyily opened my eyes and saw my sister right in front of me scaring me as I jump up and accidently hit her forehead with mine. "Ow" I say as I reach up to touch the newly formed bump on my forehead. Great. "Why the heck are you waking me up for!?" I half yelled, said. "Its Monday and you have to go to school. Dumbass. Get up!" She yelled as she basically pushed me off my bed which resulted in me landing on the floor with an "ouch". It actually hurt. Before I could say anything, Melanie ran out leaving me on the floor. I got up from the floor and moved to my closet to get my outfit of the day. A pullover that says, "I'm a princess" with black pants, and white converse. I decided to take my hair down today and apply no makeup since I never wear makeup. **AT SCHOOL** As I got off the bus I make my way towards the cafeteria. I guess you can say I'm starving. As I got near I saw my friends, Ericka, Minnie, and Shary. "Hey guys!" I said as I got there. "Hey, what happened to your forehead?" Minnie asked trying not to laugh as soon as I was in front of them. I rolled my eyes and said, "My sister happened." They laughed and we went inside in the cafeteria. "Hey did you hear that there's a new kid?" Minnie said. "I heard she's really cute and she looks like a guy." Shary said. "Who knows?" I said not really minding the topic. The bell rang and soon we were heading towards our classes. The rest of the day went by pretty boring until we were in fourth period. My favorite class theatre arts. The teacher was still in her office so people took the time to use their phone, me on the other hand, I was drawing. As people were coming in one person stood out, she looked new. She was wearing a black hoodie, with black jeans, and black converse. Her blonde hair was shaved from the sides and the middle was styled upwards. She'd make a cute boy. She must be the new kid. She was looking around until she saw me and walked towards me, as I looked back at my journal. "Excuse me?" I heard a small voice. "Yes?" I said as I looked up. Her brown eyes looked so lost. "Can I sit next to you?" She asked as she looked down. I smiled and said, "Sure, go ahead!" "What's your name by the way?" I asked her. "Amber, yours?" she smiled. "Ash" I said. As on cue, the teacher came signalling that class was about to start and to put their phones away. The teacher went in front and started speaking, "In a month from now we're going to have a singing contest. You may perform in a group or single wise. However, we need at least a single Duet pair. You can write a song or sing one that already exists, but I prefer it to be written. The prizes are still being processed so I can't say anything about that right now. If you want to sign up come with me to my office." And with that she headed towards her office. I went as well there was no way I'm going to miss this.
I'll upload the second chapter either tonight or tomorrow. [if you want to be tagged then comment] [Requested Tags; @CrystalBlunt @shannonl5 @VixenViVi @kpopandkimchi @aimeeH ]
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Yayayya Amberrrrddaaaa
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Tag me plz name is Ashantie...and my friends call me Ash.....THAT SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!!!