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I only know woozi vernon s.coups and thats all 😔😔😭😭😭 trying to memorize 2nd bae's name but its too hard 😭😭😭
@amobigbang well that's where their money comes in at lol well we more mature fans can enjoy our faves lol
Yeah that's what I was thinking. When vernon does more songs like lotto I will Def support @blackirishawk
I can actually nam3 all of them (im late) yea I can name all of them. learned it in 2 days exactly, but at first i got confused with their faces . So I knew all of the names but not who the names belonged to cx. I had to take 3 days to memorize all. XD
i know so far... the8, s.coup (?), mingyu♡,vernon♡,Joshua♡♡, Dino (2days older), hoshi, jeonghan, woozi, and DK