Okay, this game was created by @AimeeH and I just got so excited, I wrote a whole scenario! The comment would have been huge, so I just made a card instead. So how is my UNIQ story?!
BFF: Yixuan Takes Me Out to Eat: SeungYoun Crush: Yibo Secret Admirer: Yixuan Lose Virginity: SeungYoun Have Kids With: Yixuan Boyfriend: Yixuan Jealous One: Sung Joo Takes Me on Vacation: SeungYoun Husband: Yixuan
So what I am getting is: My bff Yixuan and I are inseparable and are always together. He harbors feelings for me, but is always too scared to say anything since I have always confided in him about my huge crush on Yibo. One day, Yibo makes it very clear he is not interested, and embarrasses me in front of our friends. Sung Youn sees how I am hurting and before Yixuan or Sung Joo, who is jealous of our friendship, can help me, he grabs me and takes me out of the situation and to lunch. From there, he decides that it's best if we get away so that the embarrassment dies down, so we go to his family's beach house. We drink wine to relax, and one thing leads to another, and we sleep together. We both know that it didn't mean anything, and once we sober up the next day, decide we will just remain friends since he has a feeling my heart belongs to another. We leave to go back to town, and when I arrive home, Yixuan is sitting outside. He has been waiting outside my home for the two days I was gone, worried sick about what happened to me. It is there he confesses his love, and I realize that I feel the same way. So, he becomes my boyfriend. We date for two years, eventually marrying and having children.
Haha XD Lucky! you got Yixuan! I like it!
@AimeeH thank you :):) poor Wenhan didn't get an appearance, and Sung Joo was a throwaway, an Yibo was mean. But besides that! Lol.
@baileykayleen I am so loving the scenario!! I LOVE THIS!! Thank you so much!!