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Thank you once again for making this @AimeeH I love UNIQ! Best friend - Wenhan Takes you out to eat - Yibo Crush - Wenhan. I'm crushing on my best friend. Usually it's the other way round in other screenshot games. Secret Admirer - Wenhan. My crush is my best friend and my secret admirer! My crush likes me back!! Loose virginity - Seung Youn. I loose my virginity to my bias wrecker. Have kids with - Wenhan. So yeah... that happened.. Well I'm happy. The kids would have good looks from their appa. Boyfriend - Sung Joo. Awkward... So I was crushing on Wenhan and then had his kids... however i got together with Sung Joo. Plot Twist! Jealous one - Sung Joo. He's probably jealous that I had kids with another guy and Sung Joo is my boyfriend so I can understand his jealousy. Takes you on vacation - Yibo! Yes!! A vacation with Yibo would be amazing! All alone with my bias! -creepy pervy face- Husband - Yibo!!! Yay I married my bias!!! So happy!! I loved the results of this screenshot game! Loved it and I'm a happy bunny!! I got to marry my bias!!!
@AimeeH Seung Youn and Sung Joo are still damn adorable though
@AimeeH Wenhan and Yixuan are my bias wreckers
@AimeeH yes Seung Youn is and so is Wenhan
@AimeeH I loved my results anyway! My bias wrecker kept coming in too
@AimeeH yeah it is! I didn't even look at the screenshots before I put them up so u was really suprised!
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