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I have been slowly looking for another kpop band to fall in love with. I wondered upon BTS and I feel in love really hard! I can now add them to my list with Big Bang and EXO. However, Rap Monster stole my heart. His looks and his voice is what caught me. As I learn more about him I like him even more. So this card is for him. I made this card a while ago. I just thought I could use this for the BTS Challenge too. Don't judge me lol
Just because......
I found some cool facts about him. There are 93 facts about him. If you have time it is a funny reading.
More facts.....
Namjoon is so talented, smart, sexy, and so fashionable. I love his music.
I love it even more hearing him speak in English. His voice is just super hot no matter what language he speaks.
Park Jimin is growing on me too.... He would be my second bias.
I can'tttt. As soon as I pick a bias another distracts me and becomes my bias. It's a never ending cycle. XD
RapMon is my bias ♥
you got the RM feels XD
rap monster! ! they are all amazing:D but rap monster is my #1 ♡
NAMJOON ( ^∇^)
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