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Bought my first kpop CD's and they came out to 50 dollars!! O.O Then again it was Korea town in NY....
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thats a lot but definitely worth it and there is a korea town in NY????? Ive grown up going there and have tons of family there how could I not have known about this
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@Marilovexoxo I only found out they had a Korea Town when looking on my phone for a place to buy Kpop merch.:3
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@PaigeBennish im definitely gonna have to go when i go to NY
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@Marilovexoxo look for a store called Koryo, it's a REALLY cool store, they have kpop music, masks,posters,note cards and they have Korean books and clothes. An they're right next to a desert place that sells amazing bubble teas.
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Yeah but you get so much more then you do English cds, so it's totally worth it! !
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