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breaking my heart this is today's picture. yesterday's was yesterday's. two days looking sad. :( and I'm barely noticing. I'm ashamed I haven't noticed sooner :( G-Dragon!! HWAITING.!!
what is going on??? Somebody please make dg smile again. 😢😢😢
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He must be super tired cause of their tour. :( they will all need a long break after they finish their tour. Right? @BrandyJones
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Aww my poor Jiyongi :( hes probably exhausted those poor guys are on the road non stop I just hope after the tour they can just get all the rest they need because he needs it
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Hey! I live in Texas too! I felt like the only kpopper that lived in Texas! lol
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oh no.!! you're not the only one. hehe I've lived here all my life @LizaNightshade
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