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In a lot of places, fall mean cold, not freezing, but cold. These are some pants trends to wear this Fall!
SKINNY PANTS From leggings to jeans, these are being worn everywhere. Although, I have met people that hate jeans because they feel too tight and they like things that, well, aren't.
BIGGER ON THE BOTTOM These pants are good for people that like comfy pants, but need to go to a formal event. Just be careful with the colors. You could finds yourself looking clownish if you go overboard.
BIG ALL OVER These are for people that may be self-concious, or maybe the people who like wearing baggy pants around the house.
BOOTCUT These look good when you have school to attend, are going walking in the big city, and other times.
HIGH-WAISTED I made a card on these a while ago, and since then, there are a few more options for people that like high-waisted pants/shorts. Here are four of them above. DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the pictures on this card.