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My Biggest Turn-Offs

Okay... So, I've seen a few of these float around and it's a good practice. Not a lot of people consciously think about this stuff. Here goes lol I don't mean to step on any toes, and this is by no means anything but my personal opinion. It may seem a bit harsh to some, but please, actually consider it. And if it's still too harsh, I'm sure there are millions of guys who will disagree with this and you have your choosing of them ;p *wink, wonk* By the way, we should also do turn-on's ;p Oh, and I'm just putting random quotes in between these blocks haha I don't feel like finding appropriate images ;D
I would like to start out with.... I'm an adult. WE'RE effing adults. BE a freaking adult. I can't afford to have a shallow relationship anymore. I'm not in high school where I'm just a horny guy going off mainly looks. And in all honesty, I never was that type. I grew up on relationships were special things. Women were to be treated with utmost respect. Kisses meant something. Holding hands was special. Sex was the ultimate showing of love. Could you tell me how rare that upbringing seemingly is? Haha Anywho. I'm at the point where I need somebody who will advance me, both as an individual and in life. Somebody who will challenge me. Somebody who has goals and is actively pursuing them.
Turn off #1: Laziness. And I'm not talking about on your days off or free time either. Unless you don't have a job or go to school, and you aren't making an effort to do anything. I can't stand that. Do something. If something needs to be done, do it. You're no longer a child to where you should cut corners and avoid doing something because you don't feel like it. We're adults.
Turn off #2: Being... Uneducated. I wanted to put "being useless" but that seemed too harsh! This whole, "I don't cook or clean, nor do I go to work or school. I can't handle money and I have no priorities over social media or partying." Okay... I believe there are four things everybody should be able to do: Feed themselves. Run the basics of a household. Defend themselves. Basic mechanics. If you can't cook or clean and don't work or otherwise contribute to a relationship, then that's not your boyfriend or girlfriend. That's another parent/guardian. They're coddling you. Basically raising you again.
Turn off #3: Inconsistency and leading on. Inconsistency is one of my main ones. People may consider consistency boring, but I don't. It falls under the, "Don't play games with me" and "mixed signals". These games.... Ugh. I completely understand we all have bad days. I know I'm not always a ray of sunshine. But I'm at least consistent and prompt. Anybody who knows me, knows I'm cordial to everybody. I'm always looking to make a witty or sarcastic remark. I over-overthink everything and I am always going to be calm and calculating. I always try to be as efficient and helpful as I can be. I'm always there for people unless I have work or school. Either you want to be with me or you don't. Either you care or you don't. I'm not your plaything. At the time of initially saying you want to be with me, that is understood that you know how I am and that you're serious. I won't wait around for you while you're deciding between me or another option. Just let me know, so I can drop you from my life and move on.
Turn off #4: Partying, Drinking, doing drugs and Smoking. Now, this is personal. I understand that people enjoy it, I don't. And I'm not saying I'm against people doing it! Go, have fun! Just, personally, I don't like it.
Turn off #5: Social Media Whoring. The way some people socialize by adding anybody and everyone on Facebook when they say hi to them.... It's a constant stream of guys flowing through their life. From the outside, I don't need to deal with that. That is way too risky. And that's not even taking into account jealousy or paranoia of cheating. That's just straight up suspect. They're so used to flirting with or talking to, whatever is done with them, that I'm supposed to accept that she won't continue it through any possible dating stage that happens? Suddenly, they'll just flip a switch and settle down with one person? It's not worth it. I date one person at a time. They talk to at least 6 people at once, weighing their options while in the situation. I'm not saying what they do is bad or gross or that they're whores, I'm just saying that what they do, and what people like them do, isn't for me. I don't like that approach.
@Arellano1052 Lol. That was the last way I would've interpreted the 'you'. It didn't describe me so I never made the connection to me. :-) Cheers! :-) Yeah, totally sucked. But I'm alive! Bonus. And soul force is back in tact. And you know what they say........makes you stronger! :-) Absolutely true.
@Arellano1052 YES! Never settle for someone who makes you feel second class. That's one of those things that I try to tell all of my friends and students. If someone makes you feel second best when you're dating, how is he/she going to make you feel later in the relationship when things get harder?!! But even as I say that, I struggle with it... Hard!! I'm struggling with it right now... Sigh. (I literally typed double this much, but it might have been too personal for discussing right here. Lol. >.< )
@ButterflyBlu Psh, we're allowed to have high standards haha It's literally our life and health on the line, you know? And there's over 7 billion people! Why can't we be picky? All of us! There's no need to settle! Sure, we may not be able to find the PERFECT individual, but there's always compromises. It's about finding the person who sees your flaws, who presents their own, and works through all of it to make the relationship a successful and beneficial one filled with romance and love and sincerity and effort.
On point buddy
/.\ I thank you for your kind words, @MichelleHolly haha (.-. ) I still have quite a bit to improve on, but approval of my mentality just means I'm heading down the correct path.... And being only 20, I do have a bit of time figure stuff out. So thank you for the indirect encouragement as well =) ^.^
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