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Hey guys!! This is basically just a card appreciating all of you guys out there. If your going through something just know that this is a place you can turn to. I'm just so happy for all of you.
A special shoutout to @glostick. I hope u enjoy girl!!! This one is for u. (And for everyone else)
Oh will never know how much u ruined my life with your face. Awww ur just too cute so I'll forgive u <3
How can someone be so cute but sexy at the same time?? Seriously answer me @Mariloveexoexo!! Ughh I give up
Then its Sungyeol. I.. uhhh...he is... How do I even explain him?? (ΰΈ…>Ο‰<ΰΈ…) Nvm just look at the pictures lol
I don't know much about this band but somehow these pictures got into my gallery lol. But I'm not complaining bc he is sexy as heck. I'll definitely be checking out the band.
And last but not least the one and only Taemin!! *Drools unconsciously* He can definitely get it...wait what? Lol but umm yeah..he's pretty great.
So that's all for today guys. Just wanted to lift everyone's spirits up. Take care and take a virtual hug ( ^_^ )/~~ByeBye
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@adikiller I know and the look he gives her right before he kisses her at his brother's showcase. Oh my god.....
@glostick lol how can I forget that
@glostick although the story didnt match the synopsis of the drama it was a good one nevertheless
@adikiller Yeah I agree.
sooo cuuttte thanks @wllmvns all my biases still need to learn more abt sungyeol but he is such a cutie 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍