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my phone must love mark Lol not once did I get JB except to steal my ice cream.... : ( oh well so I had a crush on youngjae and mark was my best friend. even though I like youngjae all he did was share my first kiss. little did I know my bff mark was my secret admirer. He finally got the courage to ask me out and became my boyfriend. it wasn't an easy transition from bff to bf and we even broke up once because I was too scared to lose his friendship....that's when I tried to move on and lost my virginity to yuguem. but in the end our love was too strong and we got back together. He even asked me to marry him! within a few years of being married we had 2 beautiful children. seeing how happy we are and how he missed out Youngjae became jealous....on a random note Jb stole my ice cream today.
also Jackson bought me food....guess it was to make up for jb stealing my ice cream. @AimeeH
@heidichiesa I love this!! I agree that your phone wanted you to have Mark!! That's awesome! thank you for participating in this one as well!
it was fun @AimeeH
thank you @heidichiesa ^●^