3 years ago100+ Views depression has gotten out of hand lately and my eating disorder or bad addictive habit has come back from the darkness. Idk why but lately I have been feeling really crappy...idk if it's stress...idk if it's just chemical stuff in my brain...all I know is I feel super hyper on the outside but inside and behind closed doors I feel terrible and am resorting back to my bad eating disorder habit. Thankfully K-pop has been cheering me up. All these new songs I'm finding has been distracting me and lifting up my spirits especially Dumb Dumb Dumb by Red Velvet and also Congratulations by Day6 (I'm glad I FINALLY decided to check the song out because I seriously love it. I connect so much to it because it's my sucky love life in a nutshell haha) also the music of both Crush and Zion.T. Hopefully this will pass because I'm suffering a lot right now in silence. I picked some mellow and melloncolly (idk how to spell it lol) pics to show my mood....
I know exactly how you feel but your definitely not alone love , Im always here for you , if you need someone to talk to message me whenever . I know exactly what your going through and I know everything is seriously gonna get better. I do the same thing listening to kpop helps and Zion.t seriously puts me at ease . Just keep your head up and remember you have all of us here for you and we'll always be here♡
Fighting!!! Life can be hard sometimes. Sometimes you might feel some type of way that you can't explain! Always know that we all go though that at some point in our life and I'll be here if you need to talk but you have to remain strong!.It's healthy to cry and let everything out but always get back up! Try to fill yourself with positive thoughts! About the eating disorder try to chew gum when that comes up. I don't know if it'll help :/ but still have your regular meals.
MY INBOX IS OPEN Hun, you can vent and rant and get your stress out to me if needed. Depression is a bitch and I'm here if you need someone.