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Ladybug ladybug Remember me? I remember you Ladybug ladybug I think about you everyday Do you think about me? Ladybug ladybug We have many fond memories together Some not so fond ones too Ladybug ladybug  Were you there that day? The last time I saw you Ladybug ladybug What are you trying to tell me? That you miss me or your worried? Ladybug ladybug Try not to fret I'll be OK Just like I know your OK now Ladybug ladybug I'll still think about you everyday Your picture hangs above my bed Ladybug ladybug I wish I could talk to you face to face again You'd like that too I bet Ladybug ladybug Are you really here? Or just in my imagination? Ladybug ladybug Were you there that day? When I made your famous recipe? Ladybug ladybug Despite my mistake I know you helped me Just like the brownies the taste was good Ladybug ladybug I miss you so much I hope you miss me too Ladybug ladybug  I'm still your good egg I love you