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So the lovely @AimeeH tagged me for this challenge. ah love... where to begin. from the beginning i guess.
When you think of love what comes to mind? Cory and Topanga is a real love story. They are imperfectly perfect and truly love each other.
Have you ever been in love? Yes I have! ;)
Gif to describe me ex? Talking to him or about him is just full of awkward and weird....
What attracts you to the opposite sex? Three things 1. eyes (preferably green) 2. unique personality (this is key) 3. I have a subconscious very specific type, tall skinny and nerdy (just like spencer reid from criminal minds)
What's your current dating situation? Happily married to the most amazing husband I could possibly ask for. He accepts me for me and supports me in all of my crazy endeavors. He loved me the first time he saw me and he put together my broken heart piece by piece. He is my guardian angel and a true gift from God. I love him very much. (sorry for the long schpeal but its true).
well thats all folks. i challenge all of you! Muahahahha!!!!!!!