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Has anyone ever watched an anime and hated how different it was form the manga? Perfect example: Deadman Wonderland
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it's like what this guy on YouTube called" The Anime Man" said. that they MAKE you read the manga just to figure what the hell happens after or during or before the anime ends.
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@BrandonHenderso tbh I prefer reading the manga first when I can. Because then I get the actual story as it was intended, then I can see the anime cover it in fluid motion. the fights and stuff are suaully cooler in the anime, but the manga always tells the story better.
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@Goyo when you say" fillers" you mean stuff that's not in the original story right?
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@Goyo a perfect example of that would be Karin(Chibi Vampire) with the boy and his grandfather who are vampire hunters. they don't show in the manga last time. I checked.
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