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Has anyone ever watched an anime and hated how different it was form the manga? Perfect example: Deadman Wonderland
that's kind of how I felt about FMA. but then brotherhood came along to fix things up. also, hitman reborn ended in the anime a couple of arcs before the manga which was annoying, but still good while it lasted.
@Goyo a perfect example of that would be Karin(Chibi Vampire) with the boy and his grandfather who are vampire hunters. they don't show in the manga last time. I checked.
@Goyo when you say" fillers" you mean stuff that's not in the original story right?
@BrandonHenderso tbh I prefer reading the manga first when I can. Because then I get the actual story as it was intended, then I can see the anime cover it in fluid motion. the fights and stuff are suaully cooler in the anime, but the manga always tells the story better.
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