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Okay... My hair is getting a bit long now. And I would like if anybody could give me an idea what to do with it lol or, should I keep growing it out?
It's perfectly straight and that gives me problems sometimes... I don't know why people desire straight hair... It sucks! No personality whatsoever! I'll usually thin it out, trim and layer it, but if anybody has other suggestions, I'll gladly take them into consideration! @ButterflyBlu I need your opinion on this lol
i love it actually ..👏👏. grow it out and embrace the straight..mine is pin straight and i hated it for years but i realized how many ppl want straight hair.. Keep ur locks lol
have you thought about donating it?!
@Arellano1052 yeah, that's wet, too. It's super curly. You only THINK you want curly hair. Lol. It's a LOT of work to keep it looking good. It can get craaaazy!! Oh wow. I get why you're frustrated now. I can't believe your boss wants it down! Most want it pulled back! Ah, it's so nice and thick and beautiful... But if you want to cut it, you could always go with an undercut. I think that's pretty sexy and you could pull it off. That would allow you to keep length, too. You could still do spiky. Just do it a little different than when in HS. Keep the sides high and tight and then spike the front top: This one is spiked out too, but longer:
And holy crap haha That is some long hair! Wow! Awesome!
@ButterflyBlu Hahaha ah, that's too funny! And, um, no I'm not there yet. It's just Frustrating because in order for me to do anything with it, I need to shampoo and condition it, or use argan oil. Which I don't mind, but I don't have the time to take two-three showers a day, nor do I have enough conditioner for that! Lol It would be a lot easier if I could put it in a ponytail or something at work, but my boss doesn't let me haha And no =_= I'm terrible with this stuff lol I'll just let it keep growing out and just trim it every few months just to get the few split ends I may get every once in a while. I'm way out of date with "hip" and "fashion", too. I wish I could still pull off spiky hair =_= Just get a bit of gel or something and run your hand through your hair a few times, then jerk your hand around erratically, spray two sprays of hairspray and viola, you're done in 2 minutes haha
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