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Dear Leo,

You're very unique because you're the only idol that's very shy and silent. It's what makes you very cute and a lot of people's #1 biases. It makes me happy that you're slowly becoming outgoing and you smile more! ^~^ yayy oppa :D

Dear Kenjumma x3

You have a really good voice. I loved seeing your performances on mydol. I also love the animal imitations you do cx especially the mosquito and pterodactyl xD

Dear Rocket boy Ravi 💥

You're an awesome rapper and I love all the past hairstyles you've had. You also sound really cool in Beautiful Liar ❤ keep it up Oppa!!

Dear Hongbin ~

Let me just start by saying how freaking gorgeous you are ❤ I love your smile and dimples cx I totally ship you and hyukkie ^.^ I love your look in Hyde and Error, it's truly amazing


You're my #1 bias! you're so full of cuteness and I love how you were able to get through all of mydol~ you were strong and still are. Even though you have parts In most songs, you still sing them amazingly. Especially in Eternity and Hyde cx you slay! stay awesome and cute cx SARANGHAE OPPA!!!

Dear Hakyeon 💘💘

You and Hyukkie are my biases. You're a really great leader, great dancer, great person, great everything!! and also very funny! cx I love how you give the other members neck chops You're awesome Oppa, Saranghae