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This challenge is to say something that goes on in your life and how kpo helps with it. I was mention by @kpopandkimchi to do this challenge Well have you ever feel like you are alone?? that's a feeling that I have everyday. I have been away from my family since I was 15 and I just turn 20. I just to live in the house of a friend of my parents in Illinois since all my family is in Mexico. Now I moved to California like a year and half ago and I'm with ny uncle, his family and my brother but even that way I feel even more lonely than when I was actually alone. I think that this is because now that I see that I have someone but they do not take me in as they do between then and they really don't help me or pay attention to me as they do with each other I feel let out and that makes me feel down all the time. The real sad part is that they don't even know I always hide behind a smile. thr saddest I am the bigger I smile But when I feel this way I put my earphones on and start listening to kpop I'm able to forget about all my problems and the feeling of been alone goes away for sometime :) I gues I found a medicine I just wish I didn't feel this way but Kpop makes it better :D NOW YOU KNOW THE SECRET BEHIND MY SMILE
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I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I have been living far from my family for the past 5 years too and it can get pretty rough but luckily I am able to see them at Christmas. I'm glad kpop is helping you cope and hopefully the vingle family can help you feel less alone too!
Thank you @kpopandkimchi :) and I'm sorry to hear that you are going for the same position thank you