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BTS screenshot game results
went ahead and tried the bts version too Lol @AimeeH
So I was crushing on rapmon
Jin was my bff
then rapmon and I started dating
but me and jungkook kissed
while jin secretly had feelings for me
me and rapmon broke up and I end up marrying jimin
jhope was salty about this whole situation
me and rapmon ended up in a love/hate relationship due to our breakup and my marriage
suga was just a weirdo Lol
I ended up keeping rapmon as a brother
Well I don't even know how I feel about this arrangement of events Lol (rapmon biased), oh well Lol
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it's alright, he missed out,~T_T~ now me and jimin will live happily ever after Lmao (*^▽^*) @AimeeH
@netchtiBates I ship it!! ^●^ Yall can ride into the sunset now! Thank you for participating in this!!
@netchtiBates I'm glad you enjoyed it! I am too! Yes most definitely, I want to make it a weekly thing, 2 groups per week! I'm also thinking of doing a K Drama styled one!