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wanted to catch up since I missed this the other day but here are my lovely results :) @AimeeH I love these challenges
Well duh Jackson is my spirit animal♡
Very accurate Young Jae is too much♥
Figures Jackson would do something like this lol hes lucky hes cute or else I wouldn't have let him get away with it
JB I not so secretly admire you too♡♥
Well he is my cute best friend so who wouldn't want to kiss him♡
awww my adorable boyfriend is soo cute :)
Jealous Mark is definitely a hot Mark , you cant blame him though I mean look at my Best friend
......... That definitely escalated quickly lol
our kids would be the cutest ever especially if they have his ears there too cute ♡
a thousand times I do to you , definitely can not complain here ♡
Mark sure knows how to make up for his jealousy haha
@Mariloveexoexo I'm so glad you're enjoying them! I'm having fun making them!! Yes to all of this!! Jealous Mark is definitely a hot Mark!! Omg! I love Jr ears too! ♡ Thank you participating dear!! ^●^
@Mariloveexoexo Yay! I'll most definitely tag you in the upcoming ones!! I'm loving the results from everyone!!
@AimeeH Your Welcome! I love doing this they are soo fun!
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