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Dear S, We chat a tiny things and then I told you that I already know who I love. You asked me who is he and I told you that it was you. And ... you don't believe me. Seriously, S ... If you think like that then I think I was the stupid one. Its hurt me damn much. I think ... I should stop loving you. Teary eyed, Eli
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Yeah @ButterflyBlu sometimes it's tough to be human >.< I wish we could just be creatures of pure logic, but alas... hope you're doing okay too lady :) <3 @ameliellie haha oh i know what that weirdness is like. Don't worry, your love & relationshippers are always here to help!! >:D (literally helping people with their relationship struggles is my favorite thing)
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@ButterflyBlu Yeah :) i guess i was to emotional last night and make him feel guilty at me 馃槍 I shouldn't do that to him.
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Thank you sweety @allischaaff 馃槉 I don't want to be human. I want to be ghost 馃懟馃懟馃懟 Jk hahaha
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Ahahahaha @ameliellie yes, that would solve the problem wouldn't it :P XD
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