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Dear S, We chat a tiny things and then I told you that I already know who I love. You asked me who is he and I told you that it was you. And ... you don't believe me. Seriously, S ... If you think like that then I think I was the stupid one. Its hurt me damn much. I think ... I should stop loving you. Teary eyed, Eli
@ameliellie I'm sorry you're hurting. I've been there, too. I'm in a place where I'm having to make a tough decision. Times like this - and yours - I wish we weren't so susceptible to our emotions... to love. But then again, I guess that's what makes us special.
Aw! Well, I don't believe in comfort, only strength, and with each issue that arises in your become stronger! I'm not sure of your situation but I know you'll be okay:) people come and go, but your view on the world, and your value is forever :)
Thank you @TessStevens 馃槶 Really need someone to comfort me
@ameliellie I've been there trust me!
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