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Saved the best for last! These results were too good not to share with everyone♡ sucks my little love seung youn wasn't in here but I honestly cant complain
Lucky me I have the sweetest and most attractive best friend ever!
Yibo you are too kind lol not only do I get free food but I get to stare at this beautiful face the whole time
I guess my phone doesn't know how to keep secrets .....thanks
I definitely admire you and there aren't any secrets there
Let's take a moment of silence to honor the best phone in the world . Thank you phone for keeping it real
No complaints here those would be some gorgeous babies sorry Sung joo
Okay am I missing something here? Is there something you guys aren't telling me? am I being punkd?
Okay so im guessing by all of this its pretty safe to say that me and Wenhan are official
Yibo seriously you are too much . Free food and Vacation , This is probably why Wenhan is so jealous
So Happy got to marry my extremely gorgeous best friend and soulmate not a single complaint from me on this one , I just hope he's okay with Me and Wenhan being a thing since I didn't even find out about it until now lol @AimeeH okay this is my last one definitely looking forward to more
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@Mariloveexoexo omg Your phone knows exactly what is up!! Let's take a moment and honor the best phone in the world.. I love that comment! ^●^ But I agree, your phone didn't know how to keep secrets! I love this!! All of the yes! Thank you for participating!! I'm definitely looking forward to making all the others!!